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Definition: API

API Definition

🌐 What is an API?
An API (Application Programming Interface) enables the creation of complex applications by acting as a bridge between different software systems and allowing them to work together. This allows you to interact with software without needing to understand its inner workings.

📱 How does it work?
The API brings the interface to you. It’s a a set of standards and protocols which allows different software components to interact with one another. It gives the user access to functionality such as authentication, querying data, or sharing data.

🔄 What is the outcome?
APIs make our digital lives easier by providing a seamless connection between different software systems, ensuring that we can enjoy a smooth and efficient user experience without diving into the complex details of the software itself.

An example of an API at work is when you check the weather on your smartphone app. The app uses an API to get the latest data from a weather service. Or, if you’re logging into a website using your Google account, this interaction is also facilitated by an API.

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