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Comparison: DEMSA2 Data Formats

Comp Dems Sq

Elevation data comes in various formats, and we offer them in three main categories: raster (grids), lines (contours), and points.

🔹 Raster
We produce our Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) in the efficient GeoTIFF (Geo Tagged Image File Format) format. However, we can convert them to almost any other format you require. For raster data, some less common options include IMG (ERDAS Imagine Image) and ArcGRID (proprietary ESRI format).

🔹 Lines
The engineering community often favours contours in DWG or DXF formats. When GIS users need contours, they typically request them in either shapefile (SHP) or GeoPackage (.gpkg) format.

🔹 Points
Point-based formats are less common but can be useful. While shapefile and GeoPackage are great options, GIS professionals often prefer working with rasters due to the computational efficiency and readily available grid-based tools. For point data, the most requested formats are CSV (Comma Separated Values), LAS, and XYZ. Lastly, it’s important to note that for very large datasets, we recommend LAS/LAZ due to its efficiency compared to other point formats.

No matter your project’s needs, we have the elevation format to match.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and ensure you receive your elevation data in the most suitable format.

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