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    The cost estimator is merely an indicator of cost and is by no means binding.
    For large orders (>5 000 km²), please contact us directly as such orders are often heavily discounted.

    User Guide: Cost Estimator & Quote Request

    Welcome to the Cost Estimator!
    This guide will walk you through how to effectively utilize the map to get a cost estimate for your desired area.

    Select Product

    • Begin by selecting the product that you are interested in from the dropdown menu in the top-right of the map.

    Define your Area of Interest (AOI)

    Option 1: Draw AOI on the map

    • This option is ideal if you know precisely where your AOI is.  
    • Use the navigation buttons at the map’s top-left corner to navigate to your AOI. You can use your mouse pointer to pan (change location).  
    • Click on the appropriate drawing button to draw a polygon or a rectangle on the map that defines your AOI. 

    Option 2: Set Bounding Coordinates

    • Use this option if your AOI is rectangular and you know the bounding coordinates.  
    • Enter the bounding coordinates of your AOI, but click on the “Set Bounding Coordinates” button and enter the coordinates into the appropriate fields. 
    • Click on the “Set Coordinates” button.

    Option 3: Specify the surface area (km²) of your AOI

    • This option is best when unsure about your AOI but would like to determine the cost based on surface area. 
    • Specify an area by clicking the “Based on area (km²)” button. 
    • Click the “Calculate” button.

    Review Estimation

    • Once you have completed Step 2, the product cost will automatically be estimated and displayed in the Product Cart and on the map. 

    Modify your selected product or add additional products

    • You can modify your selected product in the Product Cart. 
    • You can also add products for your specified AOI by clicking the “COPY” button and using the Product drop-down menu. Or add additional products for your AOI to the Product Cart.


    • An additional R500 processing fee for contour extraction per area of interest will be added.
    • All elevation models are provided by default in GeoTIFF raster format. 
    • Upon request, data can be provided in any other format (e.g. csv, xyz, ASCII) for an additional R500 processing fee. 
    • The cost estimator is merely an indicator of cost and is not binding. 
    • Please get in touch with us directly for large orders (>5 000 km²) as such orders are often heavily discounted.
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