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This GeoDataPack of Fetakgomo Municipality is ideal for use within a geographical information system (GIS) to use for infrastructure planning (e.g. pipelines, roads, reservoirs), disaster management (e.g. floods) and environmental impact assessments.  Fetakgomo is located in the Limpopo Province of South Africa in the Sekhukhune District and is mainly a rural area.  Settlements include Mphanama, Sesesehu, Mooiplaats, Tiekiedraai, Mobokotswane, Gaseroka, Ga-phala and Ga-radingwana.

GeoSmart is currently creating similar GeoDataPacks for all municipal areas in South Africa (please enquire for others).

GeoDataPacks are collections of geospatial datasets tailored for improving decision-making and solving geographical problems.  GeoSmart’s GeoDataPacks were collated from various sources and formatted so that they can be used in various software packages, including Google Earth, QGIS, and ArcGIS.  The datasets can also be viewed as digital maps.

Fetakgomo Aspect1
Fetakgomo Curvature
Fetakgomo Disttoneardrain
Fetakgomo Elevationv1
Fetakgomo Flownetwork
Fetakgomo Hillshade
Fetakgomo Hypsotinting
Fetakgomo Plancurvature
Fetakgomo Profilecurvature
Fetakgomo Slope
Fetakgomo Solarrad
Fetakgomo TWI

A dataset of 1 m contours is also available but cannot be visualized at this scale.

File Formats

FormatDescriptionFile FormatsCoordinate SystemsResolution/ScaleSoftware Compatibility
MSymbolized MapPDF, JPG, PNGN/A400dpiAdobe Acrobat+; Any photo viewer or web browser+
V1Raw dataShape File, KMLWGS84, UTM35S, LO231 : 2 000Google Earth Pro+, ArcGIS, QGIS+
R1Symbolized DataTIFF, GeoTIFF IMGWGS84, UTM35S, LO232 mGoogle Earth Pro+, ArcGIS, QGIS+
R2Raw dataTIFF, GeoTIFF IMGWGS84, UTM35S, LO232 mGoogle Earth Pro+, ArcGIS, QGIS+

+ Free software

Product Specification


Layer NameDescriptionFormats
Municipal boundaryBoundary of Municipality, obtained from the Demarcation Board of South Africa, used to extract datasets in GeoDataPackV1
ElevationRaw digital elevation model of South Africa DEMSA2* values (i.e. height above mean sea level) that was used to generate the range of derivatives belowM, R1, R2
Contours1 m vertical interval contours in vector format with height above mean sea level values as attributeM, R1, R2
HillshadeArtificial illumination, generated from DEMSA2M, R1, R2
Hypsometric tintingFusion between Elevation and HillshadeM, R1
Slope gradientSlope gradient in % rise, derived from DEMSA2M, R1, R2
Slope aspectDirection of slope, derived from DEMSA2M, R1, R2
CurvatureTangent curvature (concave or convex), derived from DEMSA2M, R1, R2
Plan CurvatureCurvature perpendicular to slope direction, derived from DEMSA2M, R1, R2
Profile CurvatureCurvature in slope direction, derived from DEMSA2M, R1, R2
Distance to nearest drainageDistance to nearest drainage , derived from DEMSA2M, R1, R2
Topographic wetness indexModelled soil wetness (based on terrain), derived from DEMSA2M, R1, R2
Solar radiationModelled annual solar radiation, derived from DEMSA2M, R1, R2
Height above nearest drainageHeight above nearest drainage, derived from DEMSA2M, R1, R2

*DEMSA2 is a 2 m resolution digital surface model (DSM) of South Africa


Fetakgomo Municipality GeoDataPackR100,000.00
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