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Bringing Space down to Earth

Predicting the future is a powerful ability.

Most things (e.g. people, resources, phenomena) can be related to a position on (or above) the Earth’s surface.  By knowing these positions and by monitoring how they change and behave over time, predictions can be made about how they will change and behave in the future.

Geosmart makes use of advanced space and geospatial technologies (such as earth observation and machine learning) to model future scenarios and provide information that can improve efficiencies, quantify risk, and inform better decisions.

Some of Our Products

5 m Stellenbosch University Digital Elevation Model (SUDEM)

The Stellenbosch University Digital Elevation Model (SUDEM) is a 5 m resolution digital elevation model (DEM) – a database of height above mean sea level records – representing the earth’s surface.  The 5 m SUDEM, branded as SUDEM5, is currently the highest resolution DEM covering South Africa.  It was interpolated from large scale (1:10 000 and 1:50 000) contours and spot height data, producing the so-called “Level 1 product”.

GeoSmart is responsible for the distribution of SUDEM5 and oversees its continual improvement.  We have also used SUDEM5 in several products, including the Flood Hazard Index and the DEMSA2.

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Contours over aerials


Contours are essential for many applications, including construction planning, hydrological modelling and environmental management.  Geosmart Space provides contour data with 50cm vertical interval spacing for anywhere in South Africa.  Other intervals (e.g. 1m, 2m, 5m) can also be provided.  The contours can be converted to various formats, including those compatible with engineering software such as CAD and ModelBuilder.

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