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Showcase: Flow Network

An Aerial Shot Of A Suburban Area Next To Mountains. Streams Form From Various Places Along The Mountain To Culminate Into A River Flowing Through The Town.

Curious about how the natural flow of water is determined? It’s all about the terrain!

The terrain, or topography, of an area plays a crucial role in directing the flow of water. It includes features like mountains, valleys, hills, and plains. The terrain’s characteristics significantly influence how water moves through the landscape.

Water will always follow the path of least resistance. Seeing as gravity is the main driving force in water movement, water will naturally direct itself towards areas sloping downhill more than its neighbouring regions.

At Geosmart, we offer a flow network derivative that maps out the flow paths and connectivity of water bodies across the landscape. This can help determine flow accumulation, flow direction, and offers valuable insights for water resource management and environmental analysis.

Discover how the terrain impacts water flow, and explore the possibilities with our Flow Network solution.

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