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Free Flood Hazard Index


Do you like free stuff? We all do! You can get free flood data for anywhere in South Africa when you order any one of our elevation models. So let us tell you more about our Flood Hazard Index (FHI).

The FHI is a useful tool for identifying areas at risk of flooding. However, it is important to note that the FHI does not predict or forecast the likelihood of floods, but rather offers a reliable indication of relative flood hazard.

While seeing the value of the FHI, we need to be aware of its limitations. It was developed without sophisticated hydraulic modelling techniques and doesn’t take soil types or climate variables into account. Our machine learning model returns an 84% accuracy rate.

On the other hand, the FHI serves as an effective scoping mechanism for identifying areas where hydraulic modelling is required and can act as an early warning system by highlighting areas with a higher relative risk of flooding. Despite its limitations, the index represents an initial attempt at providing a consistent regional spatial index of flood hazard.

The FHI is currently being used by the Western Cape Disaster Centre and we have received positive feedback. With our ongoing efforts we endeavour to improve the index by expanding and refining training data.

Contact us for more information or visit our website to order today.

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